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nerdwench asked: Yes or no: Should I include references to My Little Pony, Archer, and Game of Thrones?

Yes to all three. In fact, I would be sad if you didn’t.

24 hour play fest

Staying up all night to write a play for the 24 hour play fest tomorrow. Ask me questions to help me stay awake. 


Harley Quinn Sings ‘Do You Want To Kill the Batman?’

The Joker’s sidekick needs to let it go.

This is actually really good.

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Stephen Colbert Is CBS' Top Choice to Succeed Letterman | Mashable



This could be interesting, and a big win for both Colbert and CBS…if it happens.

Please god no this would be such a waste of everything Colbert does.  I love Letterman, and I love Late Night, but what Colbert does on his own show is so much more important than telling jokes and interviewing celebrities.

I agree with Wil. Colbert is a genius and his show does something no other show is doing. To see him give that up to just do another talk show would be so heartbreaking.

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si haec insolita res vera est, quid exinde verum est?

The UCB motto

roughly translating to "If this unusual thing is true, what else is true?"  

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